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English paper About Kartini's Day

Rabu, 27 April 2011

Today is 21 April 2011, Indonesian people celebrate this day as Katrina’s day. Kartini's day is the day to remember Kartini's struggled in the past. Kartini is one from many women hero in Indonesia, the other women hero in Indonesia like Cut Nyak Dien, Cut Meutia and others. Kartini struggled women emancipate so woman in Indonesia have same rights as men in education. Now, Indonesian woman can develop their wings so they can have job like men.

My mother is one of many Indonesian women that enjoy struggle of Kartini. I am impressed with her because she works to help my father to get some money for our family to cost her children education and to fill our household need. Although my mother has high business because she works, she regular does her household duties.  My mother is a strong and unbreakable woman, she never gives up to make our family better.

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